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by Chelsea Gita.........................................

I have a lover..named Yoseph...
We met at school..
He rose cheeked and always smiled..he was handsome and always look interested..
he was a man who pay attention of someone first than his..he was so kind...maybe his friend a liitle bit naughty...he sometimes went through it and did it..but clearly he was a nice boy..he never went late to the church and always read Bible..and he still called Jesus until his death..

We started to date on november..we love each other..but I was still confused and I wasn't too brave to tell him..but we were still going strong at that time...we dated together whenever we had pleasure time..


at the time I was sure about my feelings to him..he died in car accident..
his friend told me..that a day before that accident..he wanted to take me as his GF...and he wanted to bring me a buqeuet of rose...

what a terrible mistake I made..that I should my feelings to him I'm not so sad like this..but I knew Jesus knoe everything that the best for His parents, friends, and for me...

But his love...his care never die..

his favorite quote:
"start with smile..grow with love and end with death"

is really suite with him...

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Chelsea Gita

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