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by Cassie Dwello.........................................

This morn I awoke in a desolate land.
Amidst many creatures yet unknown to man.
Creatures so huge that mountains appeared to be stones.
Piles and piles -a world full of- bones.

Once I had crept passed the huge beasts,
trying to keep afar of their feasts,
I found myself in a wood that was dark,
and I was surrounded by its sharp foreboding bark.

From all sides I was assaulted,
as stick fingers and hands, turned to darts and vaulted.
I dropped to the ground,
sniffing like the worlds finest hound.

Too late did I realize that below me was moving.
In fact cries came from the mass that was pushing and shoving.
The ground was teaming with man/men
from the sky came a shadow, a shadow of sin.

A scream rent the air, as this shadow flew off.
A huge bird in size, with a man in its maw.
We were its prey, a wiggling mound,
I would have rather faced a large hell hound.

I pushed myself, up and away.
I stepped across those bodies of men where they lay.
Some parts were so smooth I almost slipped off.
While others cursed, and some even guffawed.

I struggled and I fell
landed hard in a dell
of warm flesh,
and made to get up in a flash.

The smell of blood permeated the wood.
Death here does not hide beneath a black hood.
My blood soon joined others as the bark was my foe.
It cut through my hand and had me set low.

All to soon the shadow was back.
I clung to a tree, slick with my slack.
The shadow twirled in the air, in a dance.
It played with us while it pranced.

Ducking and diving it flew,
all the while we wished it were would shoo.
Finally it dived,
and took one alive.

When the shadow was gone,
it wasn't that long,
before I crept forward to the edge of that throng.

I sighed in relief as I beheld a straight road.
Unencumbered with anything of ill bode.
I took a deep breath, another cry then arose,
talons clenched into skin for another was chose.

The pain was quite fierce,
as I was such pierced.
The sky I realized too late,
was clumped full of traffic matching our gait.

Never have I prayed,
for my danger to stay.
Until I beheld the army of Byrd's,
ducking and diving in massive herds.

Cries and screaming
and crazed lunatics beaming.
Shrieks of the army
circled around me.

My captor, my Byrd, flew higher and higher,
I caught sight of my brown nesting bower.
All too late,
I realized my fate.

Just then, above the nest of this Byrd,
a piercing shriek is all that I heard.
A fight then ensued as I was torn from her grasp,
my skin was tipped open, I could only but gasp.

I fell through the air,
right into the deadly Byrd's lair.
I landed with a thud, breath pressed from my chest.
I needed to run, my body needed a rest.

A squawk drew my attention to the right,
the biggest chick I had ever seen looked ready to fight.
I didn't move for a very long time,
just kept looking on as if the chick were mere slime.

The mother of the chick was still in the air,
even as the chick moved forward to pluck at my hair.
I fought not to scream and tried not to move,
and cried under my breath "By Jove."

My heart was a pounding,
as an alarm was a sounding.
The chick was all the closer,
glaring at me with such boister.

The nest beneath me was sharp and pointy,
the wood was old and rather jointy.
I realized just then,
what this nest had been.

This is the foliage of the dark wood,
and this would help me quite good.
Reaching into my pocket I prayed it was there,
yes, yes I wanted to share.

I pulled from the depths a papery thing,
and flicking it once I felt like a Queen.
The chick how it coward as it seen my great light,
I then sight it down and watched the Byrd's blight.

A smoke began to creep,
as it began to shriek.
The Byrd recognized danger,
faster than this stranger.

My heart pounded with fear,
as I realized 'Oh Dear.'
My goose is cooked,
my ship has been booked.

When I gave up all hope,
and was choked by the smoke.
A shadow swooped in,
and saved its own kin and my skin.

I jumped abroad
as the mother Byrd soared.
I couldn't believe that I again was in the sky,
I hoped that this was all but a lie.

The swarm of Byrd's parted,
but then some took notice and darted.
The mother Byrd shriek,
as a Byrd pulled with its beak.

The child was gone,
the mother cried long.
She gave chase as I held on,
and watched as the other Byrd won.

I realized a moment before,
that I was in danger once more.
The Byrd's were still ducking and diving,
and I was the thing that was that they wished to see dying.

The Byrd dived,
keeping me alive.
I thought I was caught,
my cloak was ripped off.

I slipped from my perch,
as the Byrd lurched.
The feathers of birds are rather quite slick,
and as I spiraled in the sky, I thought to be sick.

Talons caught me, sharp as a knife.
I knew then that this was my life.
Another beak threw through the air,
and caught me by my accursed hair.

Legs dangling, I couldn't help but scream,
as my hair was pulled from its seams.
Again I went twirling like a dervish,
until caught again like a flying fish.

Up and down,
caught and unbound.
Spinning and sailing,
clutching and retching.

Clouds enveloped me in a clear mist.
I struggled to understand all of the gist.
The sky was blue all around me,
as I had lost the Byrd army.

Alone I seemed to fly,
in this perfect mist filled blue sky.
All too soon I seen a great mass,
as I stared at it I wanted to shout 'Blast.'

Luckily for me, my words held no power,
because soon I seen it wasn't a nasty bower.
Instead it was a castle, a castle quite sweet,
and from it emanated a smell of roast meat.

Happier still I became,
as I realized this castles great fame.
Then I took in the smell and smiled to myself,
Byrd's was what this meat was all about.

Sunday, April 6, 2008
Right Reserved by Cassie M. Dwello.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Cassie Dwello

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