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by BRENDA DWYER.........................................

I've experienced alot of grief in my life, but nothing compares to this;
Losing a Mother & a Step-father that will always be sadly missed.
As if to lose one to Cancer wasn't enough;, my step-father & Mother were both taken up.
Two months apart he went to be with her; I quess so they could be together, just like they always were.
This is all to much to swallow, like drinking from an empty cup; I guess the Lord had his reasons for taking both of them up.
Their suffering and pain had just gotten to be too much; I just wish I could see them again and feel their loving touch.
I just hope they both knew how much they really meant to me?, I'm sure the Lord and his Angels needed to set them free.
Their loss is undefinable, It seems more than I can bare; My Mother was always strong with a big heart and you knew she'd always be there.
No matter what she was my "BEST FRIEND", we didn't have alot of material things but that didn't mean too much; It was her warm and gentle love and her reassuring touch.
My step-father was a wonderful, strong-willed man, who loved my Mother with everything he had;
When things weren't going the best, he always made it seem like it wasn't all that bad.
He could be a bit demanding at times, but as gentle as a breeze; when he went to be with my Mother, I fell down upon my knees;
I cryed as if the world had stopped, and have been crying ever since;
With broken dreams and memories and my rage in a clench
I know I shouldn't be angry, but why couldn't GOD see?;
They were the best two people and he took them from me.
They never hurt anyone, didn't do anything bad;
I guess that's why it makes it so hard not to be mad!....
Mad, sad, disappointed, broken in two, but the LOVE I have for both of them will always remain to be true.
In the trees as they sway; in the many butterflies floating over the flowers, many a things I have seen;
lets me know their still in our hearts and in our dreams.
With everyday that passes by we'll struggle to forget the pain; but the most beautiful memories of the Greatest two people I've ever known will always remain the same... MISSING YOU BOTH!!!!!

Comments would be appreciated by the author, BRENDA DWYER

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