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Hey GoD

by AparajitA Gangwani.........................................

Oh dear great savior of all,
Please come here, this way.
I want to meet you now,
For you, I have something to say.

Questions are popping up,
In my mind day and night.
I have no answer for them,
So you please throw some light.

You just please tell me,
Why it all happened this way.
He was the only one for me,
Why did you send him away.

How much do I miss him,
No words can ever describe.
With time grief is increasing,
Which my heart can not imbibe.

Whenever someone asked me,
Anything about my father.
All I had was just a name,
You made me talk like blather.

There's a void in my life,
which no one else can fill.
My life without my father,
Has come to a stand still.

If you want me to live,
If you want me to smile.
Please let me meet my dad,
Just for a short while.

My heart is yearning,
To meet him and to talk.
I want to hear his voice,
With him i want to walk.

Please give me my dad,
Oh my dear great god.
Save me from this agony,
else who'll call you lord.

Else just do me one favor,
Give me all the pain you can.
Let me cry to the fullest,
and i shall die in that span.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, AparajitA Gangwani

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