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by Angel Marubini.........................................

i knew it all along;
that u carried me for all those months;
not getting tired by carring me;
always counting the days-
to the big day;

always thinking about the gift you have;
sometimes we used to breath together;
you heard me kicking and you thought;
"its a soccer player";
you felt me moving and you said;
"thats my girl"

carring was not all you did;
you watched me every day;
when i started to talk;
you made sure that i started by saying"mamma"
yes, you guided me.

those schooling days;
i cried for money and you sacrificed;
and said"my child this is what i have"
you dried my tears by those words.

everytime when i made a step;
i know you wher saying;
"my son,my daughter,all i want;
is the best for you.

and i was saying;
"my mom,my inspiration;
i will make you proud.

today i am what i am because
of your strength;
you are the fuel that enables us
to do the impossible;

Thank you,ri a livhuwa,dankie,siyabonga.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Angel Marubini

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