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He can

by Angel Marubini.........................................

when you used to think you can manage;that you can handle anything that matters;that you can overcome every obstacle that may come your way;that no matter how the hill may be;how wide the ocean may be;how deep the hole may be;you can get to the other hurts when you find it hard to cross,to jump,to go over the hill that is on your way.with all the strength you were having but couldn`t apply it;with all the confident you used to carry but seem to have vanished;you can think that nothing is fair about life,nothing goes your way.when you have noone to look up to;nothing to hold onto but only the troubles coming your way.but why?why to you only?if troubles are most of the things coming your way why not get rid of them?but its hard,other troubles dont want you or your parents or your love but they what you and your lord.they are coming ti test you,so stop those whys and turn to your god because life will never be fair without GOD!He created you,why would he let you suffer alone?He saved others and so can he save you.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Angel Marubini

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