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Memories of Jean
Beloved Mother. Missing you today and everyday

To our Mother in Heaven..Missed...more than ever.I know today you are with your baby sister Anna,once again.I know you were waiting with open arms to greet her into paradise. What joy there must be for all of you to be together and in God's presence.Smile down and look after us dear Mother....You are forever missed..Until we meet again..

We watched how your sisters lived to such a wonderful old age.We are so happy for them, but sadly we were cheated of so many years, you left us far too soon.

I know the Angels welcomed you at the gates and you look down and smile on each of us. I hope we made you proud.
Missing you, your daughter Ginny (ginnypin)

Mother, Friend, confidante.

By Ginny
Dear Mother...You will never be forgotten.You are so missed..
God has greeted you with open arms... and I know that Daddy was the first one at the Golden Gate for you. You are together once again looking down on us. I hope we made you proud.
Your legacy lives on...

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Sgt. John Charles Brancato

BY Annette
My Mom died from the Beast...A Brain Tumor......
The Dr. who operated made it sound like He was going to go in get it out and She was going to be fine with rehab...just like a trap door He said...in and out.....
Years later that never even made sense to Me...A trap door??? My Mother
was the One who kept the family together and made everything and everyone better. She was a Nurse's Aid and helped so many sick people....

I can remember as a kid people coming to Our House with bussel's of home grown tomato's from there garden's....fresh baked bread....Home grow fruit and veggie's just for taking good care of their loved one's in the Hospital. She was so loved.

The day before She was operated on She and My Step Dad had been invited to Her Nephew's wedding 3 months before and the Surgery was scheduled for that afternoon.....So My Cousin...My Mom's Nephew and His Bride and the whole wedding party came to the Hospital an Hour before the wedding ceremony. I will never forget it....

My Mom had gone into Surgery that afternoon and was in intensive care for 9 days before the Beast died along with My Best Friend and the Best Mother anyone could ask for. I was 23 years old with a 3 yr. old Son and a Month old Son....That day August 1st I also died. I felt My world had ended.....My Mother gone??? It can't be, not My Mother....

I have a Sister and a Brother .We had been taking shifts at the Hospital....My Sister an Brother in law...My Brother and My Husband....Well, She died on My Husbands shift at 4am...when My Husband came home to wake Us all up to tell Us I just screamed and screamed and screamed saying No, No, No, We all went to the Hospital in the same Car..My Sister Brother Br. in law..sister in law My Husband and My Husband got stopped by the Police for speeding...when The Officer saw Us all crying in the car He gave Us a Police Escort straight to the Hospital....

.As I passed the Chapel going to Intensive Care I opened the double doors and SCREAMED at God on the Cross and said I Hate You!!!!! I Hate You for taking My Mother!!!!! WHY???? WHY???? I only heard the echo's from the walls. There were no answers...... Till this Day I can not and will not look at those Pictures of My Mom and My Cousin's wedding Party in her Hospital Room.

People say today that I am My Mother's Daughter.....and if I can be anything like Her it is an honor......
Even though it has been many years I still to this day talk to Her Every single day, Her last words to Me were take care Yourself. If only I could have taken care of Her and the what if's drove Me crazy for Years. I guess We can say Thanks for the Memories Mom. Love Annette

Survived by:

Sgt. John Ventura Brancato-son
Annette Attanasio- Daughter
Ginny Brancato-Daughter

Lisa Lynne
Dominick James
Scott Attanasio
Richard Attanasio
Kimberly Ann Brancato
Dena Marie Brancato

Great Grandchildren

David Guerard
Dominick Degasperi
Gianna Degasperi

Scotti Attanasio
Stephen Attanasio
Alexa Attanasio

Bella Vargas
EJ Vargas
Angelina Vargas

Sgt Brianna Brancato
Selena Brancato

Cheyenne Attanasio

Great Great Grandson
Giavanni Attanasio

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