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John (Jake)'s Beloved Hearts Memorial
Memories of John (Jake)
While John (Jake) and I were very much kindred spirits when it came to hospitality and both of our careers have been in service of others. The reality is that we came from very different worlds,and definately, different world views. So,through out our years together,I used to question why we were brought into each other's life? When we got the cancer diagnosis and the reality that we were dealing with limited life span,it finally made sense that I was brought into Jake's life, with my Pastoral/Social work background to help in the transition from this life to the next. Then, it hit me a day after he died, these past 5 years were not about me doing for him. Instead I think God graced me with the love of another person who wanted absolutely nothing from me but my happiness. I PRAY THAT EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A JOHN BUTTS IN THEIR LIFE. I believe in a Loving, Merciful God who like Jake, only wants for our happiness and anticipates our every need. That is the God who now embraces this kind and gentle man, where there is no pain, where he is reunited with his Grandmother-Catherine, Mother-Linda, our Auntie P and all those who have gone before us. And so life must go on...everytime,we his friends and family raise our glasses and toast (with an alcholic beverage of course)lets remember our Jake, that would make him happy! And so our lives must go on, it was so hard to let him go. But my dearest Jake know that I will honor you and cherish your memory, and you will forever be in the deepest recesses of my being all the days of my life. Thank you, Thank you my sweet man for loving us all so lavishly!

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