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Julian's Beloved Hearts Memorial
Memories of Julian
I remember the first day I saw you and just knew we would be soulmates for life. The day you took your last breath it also took mine.
Eight long years you have been gone and I pray each night that God will take me to be with you.

40 years ago was the best day of my life. I married you. You took me for better or worse. I can't thank you enough for still loving
me and being by my side in my bad moments. Our time together was so precious to me. God Blessed me with you. I will love you forever
and will someday see you in paradise and we will never be parted again. Death did not do us part. You live on through me.

8 years ago, St. Patrick's Day was our last trip to the casinos in Hollywood, FL. You didn't feel well but still we went. On the way back
home you were suffering from pain and in two months you would be gone. You were and still are the strongest man ever met. I miss
you Julian and still miss your everyday.

Hello darling, wish I was with you. I bought a canvas photo of you and I when we were in new York visiting Jill. It is the one with
all the hydrangas behind us. I wish I could go back in time when we lived in Laughlin. Life was good there until cancer took over
your body. It is the devil's disease, we would still be together if not for that. I love you and miss you.

My Darling, I keep praying for the Lord to take me so I can be with you again. I was so thankful to rescue a sweet shih tsz named
Babie. She was 9 years old when I rescued her in April, 2014. I added a "J" to her name in memory of you. She was my anchor all
the years you have been gone. She died on 5/11/2020 and when she did I lost the other half of my heart. So now I have no heart
emotionally. I know you will love her when we all meet in Heaven. Hope to see you soon.

Happy Easter Dear, This is 8th Easter without you. Today your son Bob is coming over. He has so many features and movements just
like you. You live through him. I pray to God every night that he will take me so we can be together for eternity. You
are my Endless Love.

Oh, My Julian, I lost you 8 years ago today. My heart is still broken in two and will never mend until we meet again for eternity.
You will always be My Endless Love. You will not be forgotten as long as I breathe. Your Loving Wife.

Hello Darling, I had a dream last night about when we both worked at the bank, where we fell in love with each other. I don't
remember any details but we were both young again. What a blessing we had to find each other and share our lives together for
37 years. You bought so much happiness to my life and our love was deep. I just have to wait here on earth until we can be
together again for eternity. I love you and can't wait for you to hold me in your arms again.

Happy 9th Memorial Day without you dear, I remember all the Memorial Days, we would sit on the patio and watch the fireworks at the Avi.
Things have really changed there since COVID. It will never be the same again as it was with the day I lost you. Just waiting here on
earth until I join you again in Heaven.

Happy 85th Birthday, Sweetcakes. I miss you everyday. Living without you in my life is so empty. I have not moved on. I have just come to
terms with life without you. I keep your memory alive and just think of all the wonderful memories we created together. I ask the Lord every
night to just take me so we can be together forever. You will always be "My Endless Love".

Happy Labor Day Dear, 9 of these without you. I am so thankful for the ones we did share. I pray to God that he would take me so we
can be together again forever.

Hello Darling, The Holidays are here again and I hate them without you. Life has never been the same since you have been gone. Life isn't
even worth living anymore since time has gone by. I was blessed to have 34 years together with you. I can't wait to take my last breath
so we can be together forever. You will always be my Endless Love.

Happy Thanksgiving My Sweetcakes. This is my the 9th year without you. I fell so empty without you and can't wait until we are together
again forever. All I left are memories of all the Thanksgivings we shared. You will always be My Endless Love.

The holidays are here again and it has been 9 years without you. All I have left are beautiful memories, the best being our Christmases in
Laughlin. Just the two of us spending Christmas with the wonderful friends we made. I am truly grateful to have had you in my life and still
are in my heart. I cant't wait for us to be together for eternity. I love your darling.

Good Morning, Julian. Tonight is the Tree of Life Candlelight Ceremony. It will be your 9th ribbon on the tree. I just can't believe that it has
been 10 Christmases without you. I long so much to be in your arms again. We have a beautiful life together despite my acting so goofy sometimes.
You love me no matter what. I pray to see you soon. My Endless Love.

My Sweetcakes. Tuesday we lost our Sister, Janice. I know she will be with you so she can tell you I am still goofy as ever. (LOL). It is
going to be a very sad Christmas. Merry Christmas Darling. I miss and love you so much.

It's another year starting without you. Nine years without you still seems impossible. I pray to the Lord every night to take me so we can
be together again forever. You will always be my Endless Love.

Happy Valentine's Day, my sweetcakes. It's been 8 years since our last Valentine's Day together. All I can due now is wait until we are
together again in Heaven. I keep you tucked in my heart. You'll never be forgotten as long as I breathe. Love you and miss you, Your Wife.

My Husband, Julian, My Endless Love. Today is our 41st anniversary. You are in heaven and I am on earth but we will always be married. I
long for the day we will be together again forever. I think of you everyday and long to be back in the days we were young and you didn't
have to suffer with the devil's disease cancer. I pray to the Lord every night he would take me so I can be will you again. I miss you and
you will never be forgotten as long as I breathe. Your loving wife, Linda XXOOXXOOXX

Happy 9th Easter without you my Endless Love. I just can't believe how many years has passed since you entered Heaven. We had a wonderful
life together and I am thankful for all the memories we made. I will cherished them forever. Until we meet again my Darling Husband.

My Endless Love, 9 years ago at 5:10 AM you took your last breathe. Life has not been the same without you. You brought so much happiness
to my life and left me with such beautiful memories. That is how I go without you. You are in my heart forever until they beat again as one
in our eternal life together. Love You Always. Your Wife.

Survived by:

Linda, Bob, Jill & Janice


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