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Well my Love, I have no idea where to begin. I miss you, I miss you so much. Everywhere I look/turn, I see you. How do I start? We knew eachother since Third Grade, were high school Sweethearts, got married after graduation, I enlisted in the Navy and made a 23 year career out of it. You were right beside me, transferring all the time to new and strange places. Always supporting me and taking care of me. I only hope I helped you the last seven months of your life. Even then you worried about me. Love, I would do all that forever, only to have you back. It was a hard battle, this cancer won the battle, but I know you won the war because you are pain-free now and living with our God. I hope all our furbabies were there to meet you, and I am sure you had a great meeting with your Dad and my parents. Cassie Cat took your departure so hard, she stayed in your room for weeks, Grace (Black Lab) kept going to your room and looking for you. Mollie still lays beside your bed. The Chi's just set and watch your bedroom door, like you'll be coming out any minute. Even Kodiak sometimes watches for you. The furbabies were a big part of our life, they were our babies, and Love, I will continue to take care of them and love them. I will always remember your last two words to me (love you)....and Darling, I love you too. Thank you, from the bottom of of my heart for being the world's best wife and being married to me for 28 years. Rest well Tink, for one day I will join you. 7/13/06 - Thank you Darling for visiting me lastnight in my dreams. I "KNOW" you are alright now, you looked so beautiful and healthy again. First time I've felt "complete" since you left. I love you Tink - don't ever forget that!

10/17/07: Today would have been your birtday, so "Happy Birthday Hon!" Still miss you every day! I've taken off some of the writings on here.

03/03/10: It seems like many people don't come to visit much anymore Love, but I still come. Not a day goes by I don't think about you. So hard to believe 4 years since you've been gone is coming up soon. So much has changed, but yet, nothing has. You are still in my heart and will always be there. I still miss you so very much. Just dropping by to say I love you.

12/09/15: Stopping by to wish you an early Merry Christmas! I love you, always will.

05/31/19: I've reactivated this Tink because I missed it so much. I come here and just a little part of me believes you are actually reading this. Wish I could really talk to you, if only for a couple hours - why doesn't Heaven have a phone? Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I love you, always have, always will.

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