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Sweetest Friend,
It's been a while since I heard your voice. I miss you when something good happens because you're the one I want to share it with. I miss you when something is troubling me because you're the one who understands me so well. I miss you when I laugh and when I cry because you're the one who makes the laughter grow and the tears disappear. I can't believe how much I miss you. God has another Angel in heaven and at last your suffering and pain is over with. You are in my heart forever, my friend. Love and miss you, JUST BECAUSE...
2 Years ago Today....02/10/2007...You were the reason that I laughed, smiled, and found joy in my life. Love you "high as the sky"...because
02/10/08...My dear Andrea, today marks the 3rd year of your passing. I miss you more that you will ever know. The pain of losing you is still a fresh wound in my heart. My best friend, I love you. What you leave behind is not what is evngraved in stone monuments, but what is woven in the lives of others.
Thinking about you my sweet friend on this day, your anniversary when you went home to God. I think about you each and every day. I Love you....because. Linda
Happy Birthday, Andrea.
I am thinking about you today as well as every day. Today is your 69th birthday if you were here to celebrate it on earth. I will be writing again later today. I have a tournament to participate in shortly and I will dedicate it to you, my sweet friend. If you were here, you would be going with me, but as it is you will be in my heart as I participate today. This is the first tournament since my surgery. With you in my heart and God with me, I will do well. I love you.
5 years ago today 02-10-10 Sweet Andrea, remembering you this day when you were called to heaven by God. I love you...because.
07-18-2010-Sweet Andrea, I am thinking about you today on what would have been your 70th birthday. I love you, because....
2-10-11-Sweet Andrea, today marks the 6th anniversary of you departing this earth,destination:Heaven.You are always in my thoughts each and every day.Tonight I am bowling in my league and if I happen to have an honor score,I will dedicate it to you. I love you ,sweet friend and I always will.....because.
7-18-11-Sweet Andrea, Happy Birthday! Today would've been your 71st birthday. I hope you will enjoy it with God in heaven. I think about you each & every day. Love & miss you...because...
2-10-2012--Andrea, It has been 7 years today since you went to your forever home in Heaven.I miss you each and every day, you are in my thoughts always.The pain of losing you to MS is still an ache in my heart but you are no longer suffering from it anymore.To my angel in heaven: death leaves a heart ache no one can heal, but LOVE leaves a memory no one can steal. I love you much...because.7-18-2012-My dearest Andrea, today is your birthday and if you were still with us you would've been 72 years old. God called you home 7 years ago and your suffering here on this earth ended. You are in heaven sharing your day with God and your friends, family and pets. I miss you terribly and think about you all the time.I love you, my sweetest friend and hope to see you again someday...because. 2-10-2013-Sweetest Friend, Today is the 8th anniversary of your departure into heaven. Miss you much. Not a day goes by without thoughts of you on my mind. You will be in my heart FOREVER! Love you, because..... 7-18-2013-Happy Birthday my sweet friend. After all these years, I still miss you and wish we could have the good times we shared before you left this earth. We are limited with the amount of time we have with our loved ones, but we have FOREVER with them in our hearts. Love you MUCH, because....2-10-2014-Sweet Andrea, it has been 9 yrs since you left this earth to be with Our Lord. I miss you and think about you each and every day.In rememberance of you you today & always.Love you, BECAUSE...7-18-2014-My sweet friend, today is your 74th birthday. How I miss you and all the times we shared together.You are in my thoughts each & every day. A part of me went with you. A part of you stayed with me. I am forever changed. Your life continues with me. Your love lives on within me. You are forever with me...BECAUSE....2-10-2015-My sweet friend it has been 10 years since you have departed from this world.I think about you often each & every day.There is a void in my heart but also hope we will see each other again.I love & miss you so much...Until we meet again, BECAUSE...7-18-2015-Sweetest friend, today is your 75th birthday.I think about you each & every day & miss you more with each passing day.I'm at peace knowing that you are in God's loving arms, until we meet again. Love & miss you much, BECAUSE...2-10-2016-My dear Andrea, it's been 11 yrs today that you went home to God. I miss you and think about you every day. Wish you were still here but know that you are free of all pain & suffering in the hands of God. I love you...Because...7-18-2016-HAPPY Birthday my sweet friend as you celebrate your 76th birthday in heaven surrounded by your loved ones and pets.You are in my thoughts today as in everyday.I miss you so much. a part of me went with you and a part of you stays with me.Love & miss you so much, BECAUSE...2-10-2017-My dearest friend it has been 12 yrs today, the anniversary of your passing. I think of you each & every day. Miss you much my angel in heaven.Love you much, BECAUSE...7-18-2017-HAPPY 77TH BIRTHDAY Sweet Friend. Love & miss you each & every day.Always in my thoughts...BECAUSE....
2-10-2018==My dear Andrea, It is the 13th anniversary of your passing & I miss you as much now as ever. I know that you are with me, but it is not the same as if you are really here. At least I have my memories to look back on. It is not the same but will have to do until we meet again. Love & miss you much...Because...7-18-2018-Happy 78th birthday Andrea.My sweet friend, I love & miss you each and every day. You are always in my thoughts...BECAUSE...2-10-2019-Sweet friend today is the 14th anniversary of your passing. You are in my thoughts each & every day. Love & miss you dearly.Always...BECAUSE...2-10-2020-My sweet friend, today marks the 15 anniversary of your passing. I think about you each & every day & miss your presence here on earth. We have a lot to catch up on when we meet again.Love you much my angel, BECAUSE...7-18-2020-Happy birthday sweet Andrea-I miss you my sweet friend. This is your 79th birthday.enjoy your day with our angel cats. Love you much, Because....2-10-2021-Dear Andrea, Today marks the 16th year of your passing.I think of you each & every day. Miss you much my angel friend. Love you, because.... Dear Andrea, Today it has been 17 years. You are in my thoughts each and every day. I miss you so much. I think about the good times and the not so good times, the good times. The good outweigh the not so good. You are always in my heart-Love you....because...

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