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Memories of Sgt. John Charles
"Johnny Ace"

Sgt.John Charles Brancato entered the Service in January 1941

He was among the first soldiers to land in Africa with the United States Expeditionary Force participating in the Allied Invasion in N. Africa where his jeep was dive bombed and he suffered serious injuries and burns.

Nov 8th 1942 on Thanksgiving day he entered Walter Reed Hospital for 6 months.

Sgt John Charles Brancato received the Purple heart and was cited for Bravery in action by General Leslie McNair.

November 8th 1942
Sgt John Brancato was one of the first American Sgts to land with forces at Safi.
He tells his story of how he scrambled down the rope nets from a transport onto the landing boats pitching and tossing on the high waves. It was dark 11pm as the men went for the landing and were quickly on the beach.

This is his story:

Wildcat and Avenger Escort

The African Campaign

The convoy trip over was uneventful. Wildcats and some Avengers,escorting aircraft carriers, patrolled back and forth over the convoy. I can't tell you how we made our landing but we started out from the beach at Safi,North Africa.

We were in action within five minutes after we set foot on the beach. Our mission was to break through the enemy lines and continue on to Casablanca, where other American troops were landing. We met plenty of opposition.

It took us 72 hrs to break through. We didn't sleep or eat a regular meal during that time. We just fought.

Story Continued by Ginny Brancato (daughter)

Dive bombers were above and he was shooting at the planes with his machine guns as they came down almost on top of him. That's when he was shot by two bullets and the jeep was blown up.

The two corporals with him were killed and he was thrown 20' with his clothes on fire trying to roll out the fire . He saw a sniper coming at him with a gun. He threw a knife. He blacked out. Four hours later he was rescued and on a war ship heading back to the US ..he was badly wounded and for awhile blind from the gunfire.

He learned that 21 of his buddies he was with only 4 including himself survived. It was Thanksgiving and the nurse said you have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.

God Bless you..My Father

What would you have thought when the terrorist drove the planes into the WTC. You were a true soldier, you fought the enemy face to face.You wore your scars proudly for the USA and for our freedom.

What would you have thought of the wars today? Of cowarldy men blowing themselves up,using women and children, hiding in caves.

We pray for World Peace..

To My Father.

How proud I am of all you are..all you were. You are my "Johnny Ace". I will never forget you. Until we meet again.
Your daughter

In Heaven ...my Dad..I miss you so much...Today in church the pastor talked about HONORING our Dad's...How I wish you were here with me now so I could tell you how I Honor you and all you are.. I would tell you all the things I never got a chance to say. Listen for me talking to you.. OK??

..after all these years, thinking of you I am reduced to a little girl again. I miss you still so very much.Take care of my Fifi and our beloved Mother.

Daddy, how I miss you after all these years. You were my hero, my Prince. I searched for you my entire adult life..

There was only one special "You". Your legacy lives on.

Visit our Beloved Mother

DADDY DID YOU FIND HER..Did you find my Fifi

I told her if she needed to go on she could, but oh how I would miss her. I told her you would be waiting for her. She never met you but she knew what to look for because she and I had so many conversations about you Daddy. I know that once you spoke she would recognize the warmth in your voice, the warmth I miss after all these years..She would know you. Kiss her for me and love her until we are together again.

Survived by:

Sgt.John Ventura Brancato-son
Annette Attanasio- Daughter
Ginny Brancato-Daughter

Lisa Lynne
Dominick James
Scott Attanasio
Richard Attanasio
Kimberly Ann Brancato
Dena Marie Brancato

Great Grandchildren

David Guerard
Dominick Degasperi
Gianna Degasperi

Scotti Attanasio
Stephen Attanasio
Alexa Attanasio

Bella Vargas
EJ Vargas
Angelina Vargas

Brianna Brancato
Selena Brancato

Cheyenne Attanasio

Great Great Grandson
Giavanni Attanasio

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