Below we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions our Guardians have about caring for their Beloved Hearts Residency. If your question is not answered below, please contact us.

  • Maintaining your departed's Beloved Hearts Residency

    When you want to care for your departed's Residency, please go to the Beloved Hearts Guardian area at:

    this link is also located on the top navigation links on every page of the site and at your departed's Residency page towards the bottom of the page. Just click it to get to the Guardian area.

    Once there, type in your Guardian confirmation number and password. The password is case sensitive, so type it in exactly as you chose it, then click the button to enter the Guardian area.

    After you enter you can change most anything you would like, you can not erase the page or destroy anything, so don't worry about trying out new items. As in the real world, the stone, resident name, dates and general landscape cannot be changed. You may change the landscape season as needed.

    You can add multiple articles and items by clicking the "Show Images" link below each selection category and clicking on the articles you would like to add to the residency.

    You can also change the flowers, shrubs, season, memories, epitaph and even add a new photo of your Loved One. Once you are done selecting your changes scroll down and click the button that says "Apply My Changes." The screen will refresh showing you the changes you just made. At this point you are done and the changes made have also been completed at your Loved One's residency page. You can always reach your Loved One's residency from the Guardian Area by clicking the link at the top of the page, just above the residency image.

    If you forget your password or confirmation number click here and you can have your Guardian info emailed to you.

  • My loved one died in 1985, can I still create a Residency?:

    Yes, all loved ones that have passed are welcome as a Beloved Hearts Resident. 

  • Adding or changing a photo at your Loved One's Guardian Area:

    Once you have entered your Beloved's Guardian area, click the "Browse" button located at the "Photo" section to enter your hard drive and click on the file of your departed's photo, then click "open". The file location will be placed in the "Photo" text box. Now scroll down to and click the "Apply My Changes" button. The photo will be placed onto the residency stone. Photo's need to be in .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .png, and .exif file formats.

  • I have a photo of my beloved but it is not scanned. Can I send it to you to be scanned?

    Yes, will will scan the photo, place it at the residency, and send the original back to you. We will also email you a copy of the scanned photo for your use. Just place the photo along with a note of your beloved's name and conformation number, and a self addressed and stamped return envelope in a envelope and send it to:

    P.O. Box 714
    Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

  • I have a new Email address. Should I change it at my Beloved's Residency?

    Yes, your registered email address is one of the only and certinaly easiest way for us to verify your identity if your request a misplaced confirmation number or password, request help, notify you when your renewal is due and to send you our quarterly newsletter. At the Guardian Area you will notice your email address in a text box. Highlight your current registered email address, delete it and enter your new email address. You will need to confirm the address by entering it twice. Scroll down and click the "Apply My Changes" button. Your new registered address will be registered and updated at your Beloved's residency so you can continue to receive notes of condolence from friends, family and visitors to the residency.

  • Why don't I get ALL the items I asked for when I am making changes to my Beloved's residency?

    If some of your selections are missing it is because there were too many items selected. This is to keep residencies from being crowded and to encourage your return to care for the residency.

  • I have more than one Loved One at Beloved Hearts, can I link them together from their Residencies?

    If you have more than one Loved One at Beloved Hearts you will see their name at the Guardian Area with the ability to link them. Each residency must have the same email address to link them from the Guardian Area.

  • Can I place more than one Loved One at a residency?:

    Yes, you can have more than one Loved One at a Residency but the residency program only allows one date on the residency stone. We would suggest placing the dates of each departed into the epitaph area to solve the problem. As for photos, if you have separate photos of the departed either scan and manipulate them in a photo image program to place them into one photo or you can send them to Beloved Hearts using the same procedure listed above for scanned photo's and we will do it for you.

  • I noticed that on the Residents Index page it lists the date I created the Residency, but not the day we lost our precious Loved One?:

    Yes, that is the way it is set up, we list the day your Loved One entered Beloved at the Residents Index, not the day of their passing, which is listed on their Residency stone.

  • Where can I go to talk to others who are grieving?

    You can visit our Grief Support Center where you can link to our Grief Support Forum and the Grief Support Chat Room.

  • How do I renew my Beloved's Residency?:

    You will receive an email notification about a month before the renewal is due. You can also renew on-line at any time. When you enter your Loved One's Guardian Area you will see the date the residency is due for renewal with the opportunity to renew at any time. The renewal will be applied at the end of your current expiration date so that you receive the full renewal year.

  • How do I find other residencies that are from my home town/state or that are of the same nationality?

    The Resident, Religious and Nationality search engines are located at the top of each Resident Index Page. You can search by name, city/province, state, zip/postal code, religion or nationality.

  • I would like to give a Beloved Hearts Residency to my friend who lost a Loved One, do you have a gift certificate?

    Yes, we have a Beloved Hearts Resident Gift Certificate. Click here for complete details.

  • How can I place my local Grief Support Center on your list for donations?:

    To submit a Grief Support Center to be eligible for a donation, visit our Grief Support Center page. Beloved Hearts selects at random Centers that are in our database for donations every three months.

  • Do you have a way for us to see who you send donations to?:

    To view the donations we have made to date click here.

  • What are the duties of a volunteer?:

    A volunteer must have an understanding heart, care about another's loss and the sorrow they are feeling. An understanding and caring "friend" who will give support and listen. Volunteers man the Grief Loss Chat Room or volunteer for a One-on-One chat via email or at a private chat room. To become a volunteer visit our volunteer sign-up page.
  • Can I use any of the Beloved Hearts graphics ?

    If you would like to use any of the Beloved Hearts graphics, you may obtain permission to do so by Emailing a request to obtain permission. Using any of the graphics without our permission is a violation of our copyright, which are filed with the United States Copyright Office at the Library of Congress.